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BUZZNET Exclusive: Fan Q&A With The Ready Set (VIDEO)

Reblogged from thereadyset Happy Holidays Buzznet! You guys sent in questions for me and I have answers! Check out the video to see which fan questions…
concertcrasher Dec 26, 2012 Originally by thereadyset

Warped Roadies: Meet Kenny Leath!

If anyone has tuned into Warped Roadies, you might have noticed the BA main stage manager, Kenny "Thor" Leath! He's been working Warped for 13…
concertcrasher Dec 09, 2012

Which Band Are You Most Excited To See At Warped Tour 2013?

The first six bands of the lineup were just announced! Who are you most excited to see?
concertcrasher Dec 08, 2012

My Opinion on the Warped Tour 2013 Bands (so far)

So far, six bands have been announced in the lineup for Warped Tour '13. These bands (Woe, Is Me, I See Stars, Go Radio, The…
concertcrasher Dec 08, 2012

DIY Sharpie T-Shirt!

In the mood for a fun and easy DIY craft? No better place than here! This t-shirt is really easy to make. You only need…
concertcrasher Dec 02, 2012


My cat.
concertcrasher Dec 01, 2012

Who Do You Support For President of the USA in 2012?

Are you so over this election already? I know I'm getting sick of it! I still have a preference for who I want as president.
concertcrasher Oct 26, 2012

Empyre Girl Celestial Skull Black Black Tee

This cute, skull tee is only $18.95, and it's cute, as you can see for yourself! I love stars, galaxies, and skulls, so this is…
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concertcrasher Oct 19, 2012

Being alone doesn't mean you're lonely; being lonely doesn't mean you're alone.

I know that recently I've been struggling with maintaining and making friendships, for a few reasons. One of the reasons is that I appreciate solitude…
concertcrasher Oct 15, 2012

Hakuna Matata Crop Tank Top

What is better than the phrase "hakuna matata"? This awesome crop top from Freshtops! It not only says it, it has a great image in…
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concertcrasher Oct 12, 2012

Day of the Dead Tank Top

If anyone knows me well, they know I love anything to do with skulls, espcially sugar skulls! I love Day of the Dead skulls, and…
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concertcrasher Oct 07, 2012

What TV Do You Want To See A Reunion Of?

My sister has been on a Full House kick recently, and I have to say, I am loving it! So I thought I would pull…
concertcrasher Oct 04, 2012

Is It Good For Bands To Advertise Thier Love Lives?

Many fangirls want a romantic relationship with their favorite band guys. Do you think it's okay for the guys to flaunt their relationships, or should…
concertcrasher Sep 06, 2012
Want A Cigarette...or a Pencil?pic

Want A Cigarette...or a Pencil?

These cheeky pencils look just like ciagrettes - but no worry, they're nicotine free! You can get these at multiple places online. They can be…
concertcrasher Sep 05, 2012

What Excites You About Going Back to School?

For those of us who are still in school, we are eagerly anticipating the start of the new school year. Some might be eager for…
concertcrasher Aug 17, 2012

Clothing Lust

Maybe it's just me, but every time I go on the internet, I see hundreds of clothes I would do almost anything to own. I…
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concertcrasher Aug 09, 2012
Want A Starry Bear Magnet?pic

Want A Starry Bear Magnet?

This adorable magnet is available on Etsy for only $10! It is super adorable, and can be great as a gift or just for fun.   Buy…
concertcrasher Aug 09, 2012
Underrated Band or Artist 3: Ashland Highpic

Underrated Band or Artist 3: Ashland High

The name Metro Station might ring a few bells. The name Miley Cyrus probably rings a lot more. With that being said, you may know…
concertcrasher Aug 09, 2012

Scream It Like You Mean It!

I'm so excited! I'm seeing Scream It tonight. I'm just freaking out from all of the happiness. Please ignore my excessive use of Pierce the Veil…
Ten Items Or Fewer vs. Ten Items Or Lesspic

Ten Items Or Fewer vs. Ten Items Or Less

I had to give Walmart my opinion on their grammar. Sorry it is blurred out, I don't want creeps finding me.
concertcrasher Aug 02, 2012

Is Trying Out For The Voice Good For Bands?

Cassadee Pope, the singer of Hey Monday, was just officially recognized as a contestant on The Voice. Others to try out include Juliet Simms of…
concertcrasher Aug 01, 2012
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